Who is a good candidate for this surgery?
Anyone who has droopy eyelids that they suspect are interfering with their vision is a great candidate for this surgery.

Is it covered by insurance?
Most insurance companies will cover this surgery if it is obstructing vision.

What can I expect at my office visit for this condition?
Dr. Johnson will meet with you and listen to your concerns. Then measurements and photographs will be taken. You will then undergo a visual field exam to demonstrate how much the droopy eyelids are affecting your vision. Finally, Dr. Johnson will go over what’s involved with the surgery and will answer any questions you might have.

When I have the surgery, do I have to stay overnight in the hospital?
This is same-day surgery which is done at the surgery center. You do not have to stay overnight at the hospital.

Will I be asleep?
You will be asleep for most of the surgery. At a certain point, Dr. Johnson will ask the anesthesiologist to wake you up to have you open and close your eyes to make sure everything is perfect, and then you’ll go back to sleep.

What is done during the surgery?
An incision is made in the eyelid crease so that any scarring that forms will be hidden in the crease. The extra skin and fat are removed and a few stitches are placed in the muscle to raise the eyelids. The skin is then stitched closed. Most of the stitches come out in one week, and the rest come out in two weeks.

Is it painful?
There is usually no pain, but Dr. Johnson will prescribe something for pain just in case.

What is the recovery period like?
You’re out of commission for 2 days – the day of the surgery and the day after. After that, you can return to normal life… just no exercise for one week. You’ll be bruised and swollen for 10-14 days. This can be covered with sunglasses and/or specific concealers that Dr. Johnson can recommend.

What are the risks of surgery?
There is a risk of bleeding and infection anytime you have surgery on the body. There is a 1 in 10,000 chance of vision loss from the surgery – it’s probably riskier to cross the street, but we do it. There’s also a 1 in 10 chance that the eyelids will be uneven after surgery. If that occurs, Dr. Johnson can always fine-tune them in the office a few weeks after surgery.

How can I schedule my appointment?
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